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Africa Pendant Cubic Zirconia Rope Necklace


Gold and Silver Platinum  Plated Cubic Zirconia Rope Chain 50cm chain

Animal Africa Chain


3.4cm pendant    Water Wave chain 45cm and 60cm

Auris Lux Lash


Mink Lashes 

Blue Ankara Mesh dress


Blue mini/midi Ankara dress with Mesh Detailing

Blue Flower Dress


Blue mini/midi ankara dress with mesh detailing. With two pockets 

Bukky Lux Lash


Mink Lashes 

Busayo Lux Lash


Mink Lashes 

Demi 5 Pack Lashes


5 pairs of natural faux mink lashes

Esther 5 Pack Lashes


5 pack wispy lengthy lashes for round and almond shaped eyes

Etaka 5 Pack Lashes


5 Pack lash with increase in length towards the end

Fab Lash Applicator


Bronze colored lash applicator that helps lash application faster and safer than a sharp end tweezer

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