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About Us

Fab Lab Glam

Created by first-generation Nigerian make-up artist, Salewa Ojo, Fab Lab Glam is here to create a new standard of beauty and beyond. Our name, Fab Lab Glam, comes from a twist on the last name of the SHE-E-O. Salewa’s last name, pronounced, “A-Fo-Labi,” combines the word glamorous for a unique play on the word fabulous. Our Nigerian roots shine in every way throughout our business–From giving each lash a special name or crafting truly authentic Ankara print dresses that praise bold sophistication. We name each lash after a close friend or relative with the goal of uplifting their culture and beauty, while also partnering with other entrepreneurs that love to do the same.

Our Founder

Salewa Ojo

First-generation Nigerian stylist, Salewa Ojo, is a professional celebrity make-up artist, with years of dedication hanging from her make-up belt. Early in her career, if you ever had the opportunity during her tenure at MAC Cosmetics, there was only one person you’d call whenever you needed a fresh face. With multiple testimonials and support from industry clients, her name has amassed global support since starting her journey at a young age. For over 10+ years, Salewa and her team have been the go-to industry artists for weddings, catwalks, and stunning cosmetic photoshoots. Bookings for the She-E-O herself are currently available via email only. If you’re interested in booking our team for an event, please read the Fab Lab Glam ‘Contact Us’ page for more information.

A Professional Team

On A Mission

Our mission is to create an online beauty and lifestyle boutique, where your possibilities are endless. You can come absolutely empty-handed, but once you receive any of our industry cosmetics, we want you to feel fabulous from head to toe. Our team is always striving to give you a unique and personalized beauty experience. By the end of our journey together, we want to ring true to our Founder’s slogan–“You’re never fully dressed without our touch”. A touch that will have you coming back for more.

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