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The unique styles of Fab Lab Glam
"Never Fully Dressed without our touch."

FabLabGlam was created by a first-generation Nigerian who wanted to create a different beauty standard for her clients and beyond. Founder and She-EO Salewa added a twist to her last name A-Fo-Labi and combined it with a glamorous style of living, thus creating FabLabGlam. Her roots shine through in every way throughout the business. From giving each lash a special name after close friends and family, to the authentic Ankara print dresses that ooze bold sophistication. FabLabGlam is a growing online beauty and lifestyle store, where your possibilities are endless. You can come absolutely empty handed and leave fabulous from head to toe. Here at FabLabGlam we strive to give our clients a uniquely personalized experience that leaves them coming back for more. Like our saying goes “You Are Never Fully Dressed Without Our Touch”.

Meet Our Founder

Salewa Ojo

Founder & CEO

Style from around the globe

From lashes to dresses, Fab Lab Glam is about styles that slay, colors that pop & glam that glows.
Shop our latest 2021 collections inspired by styles from Africa.